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Connecting the right patient to the right care, at the right time is critically important. XIANJIN healthcare technology solutions make medical providers related to patient records, caregivers to colleagues and patients to practitioners for better care and better outcomes.

We offer a full suite of technologies designed for healthcare – including wristband, label printers from our partner company, scanners, mobile computers and software that provide visibility and create efficiencies throughout the care environment. Xianjin Will be your trust reliable partner in patient identity, mobile healthcare and real-time locating and tracking. Let us bring the latest technology in healthcare to your facilities.

At present, the 2D barcode has gradually matured in patient management, and patient'smedical records are managed through the network system and the computer. When the patient goes to the doctor, the doctor will use the barcode scanner to read the 2d barcode on the medical wristband and search the user data recorded on the barcode. This will enable the patient's medical history to be fully understood, which can avoid misdiagnosis and error and increase patient's safety

How is the 2D barcode scanner used in medical treatment? After the general patient is admitted to the hospital, the nurse will bring a medical wristband to the patient with a clear QR code and the patient's basic information, including medical history. Medical history such as allergies help doctors understand the patient's condition. Since all of this information can be input at once using a barcode scanner or data collect to read the 2D barcode on the medical wristband, unnecessary manual entry is reduced and human error is avoided.
Because the medical industry is a special environment, 2D barcode scanners are often used at treatment sites that are critical for infection control. Therefore, in order to ensure that the patient is not infected, the housing of the 2D scanner used in the hospital needs to be sterilized with disinfectant, which can prevent the spread of infectious diseases to the greatest extent.