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Common code system (1D barcode)

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Common code system
There are many kinds of barcodes, and there are about twenty kinds of common code systems, including:
Code39 code (standard 39 code), Codabar code (Kudaba code), Code25 code (standard 25 code), ITF25 code (cross code 25 code), Matrix25 code (matrix code 25 code), UPC-A code, UPC-E code , EAN-13 code (EAN-13 international product bar code), EAN-8 code (EAN-8 international product bar code), China Post code (a variant of the matrix 25 code), Code-B code, MSI code, Codes such as Code11, Code93, ISBN, ISSN, Code128 (Code128, including EAN128), Code39EMS (39-code for EMS), and other two-dimensional barcodes such as PDF417.

Barcode type
The internationally widely used barcode types are EAN, UPC codes (product barcodes, which are used to uniquely identify a product in the world. The most common ones in supermarkets are such barcodes), Code 39 codes (which can represent numbers and letters, The most widely used in the field of management), ITF25 code (more used in logistics management), Codebar code (used in medical, books, etc.), Code93 code, Code128 code and so on.
Among them, the EAN code is a widely used commodity bar code in the world and has become the basis of electronic data interchange (EDI); UPC code is mainly used by the United States and Canada; in various bar code application systems, Code39 code can be used for digital The combination of letters and letters is widely used in internal management of various industries; in the services of blood banks, libraries, and photo studios, Codebar codes are also widely used.
In addition to the above-listed one-dimensional barcodes, two-dimensional barcodes have also been rapidly developed and have found applications in many fields.

Common barcode
EAN code:
The EAN code is a commodity bar code developed by the International Article Numbering Association and is used worldwide. There are two kinds of EAN codes: standard version (EAN-13) and shortened version (EAN-8). The general commodity barcode in China is equivalent to it. The bar code printed on the packages we buy every day is generally the EAN code.
UPC code:
The UPC code is a bar code for commodities developed by the U.S. Uniform Code Committee. It is mainly used in the U.S. and Canada. We can see the U.S. imported goods.
Code 39:
Code 39 is a bar code that can represent numbers, letters, and other information. It is mainly used for the automated management of industry, books, and tickets, and it is extremely widely used.
Codebar code:
Kudaba code can also represent digital and letter information, and is mainly used for automatic identification of medical and health, library and information, materials and other fields.